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4 tractor trailers and 3 other vehicles in inferno on I-285

At least one person was killed Wednesday afternoon, July 26th, when four tractor trailers, a utility-style truck and two passenger vehicles collided on I-285 in Cobb County, shutting northbound lanes for seven hours and sparking an inferno. The cause of the crash and names of trucking companies and victims were not immediately available. … Continue Reading

Legal recovery for flood damage downstream from new developments

It has been a very rainy July in Georgia. All over the state we have seen news coverage of flooding in places that never flooded before. Countless Georgians have seen enormous flood damage to their homes and businesses, and living outside what was normally considered a flood zone, they probably did not have … Continue Reading

$350,000 noneconomic damages cap held unconstitutional in Wisconsin

This year the Georgia General Assembly adopted a $350,000 cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases. Noneconomic damages include physical and mental pain and suffering, permanent impairment, intangible value of life in a wrongful death case, etc. Today the Supreme Court of Wisconsin released a decision holding a similar Wisconsin statute unconstitutional, … Continue Reading

Cell phone / GPS device would log truckers’ hours of service

A developer of Global Positioning System (GPS) software has developed a time-tracking system that would let truckers use a cell phone to log their Hours of Service. However, the FMCSA requires tracking systems for HOS purposes to be connected to the truck’s engine. Xora, a Mountain View, Calif.-based developer of wireless technology software, has requested … Continue Reading

A balanced view of medical malpractice tort reform issues

A thoughtful article in RedNova fairly explores the complexity of medical economics that the tort reform advocates in the legislature often overlooked. One quote from an Atlanta physician:
“My problem with [Georgia’s tort reform] is doctors have been pitted against lawyers, when it’s really a case of insurance companies against patients. If anything, doctors … Continue Reading

FMCSA launches Spanish language web site

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has launched a Spanish language web site. With a shortage of truck drivers, young Hispanics a rapidly growing portion of the work force, and Mexican truckers coming into the US under NAFTA rules, it makes sense. See article and web site. By law, truck drivers must be … Continue Reading

Article on “black box” data recorders in trucks, and truckers’ resistance to their use

Corporate Counsel has an article about hte use of “black box” electronic data recorders tracking truckers’ driving hours, speed, etc., and the resistance of truckers to having an “electronic spy” in the truck cab. Thanks to John Day for pointing it out.

Truck driver shot in face with bottle rocket, tank truck crashes

As often as I call attention to news stories of horrible crashes caused by the negligence of trucking companies and their drivers, I must point out that they are not always at fault.
At 2 AM today, July 5th, a tank truck driver was shot in the head with a bottle rocket by one of a … Continue Reading

Trucker crosses median in Tampa, kills motorist in oncoming lane

On I-4 in Tampa, a tractor trailer crossed the median of I-4 and killed an occupant of an oncoming vehicle. The news story does not tell the reason the trucker crossed the median. Investigation should include possible violations of Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations related to fatigue , possibly related to hours of service violations, … Continue Reading

2 children killed by truck drifting off road in Illinois

When an Illinois mom pulled her minivan off on the shoulder of I-24 to attend to a colicky baby, a trucker from Tennessee drifted out of the traffic lanes and stuck the minivan. Two siblings, aged 11 years and 7 weeks, were killed. The mom and two other children were injured. The … Continue Reading