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3 killed & 7 injured by DUI trucker on I-285

The driver of a tractor trailer has been charged with vehicular homicide, DUI and reckless driving after a fatal crash on I-285 during Friday afternoon rush hour, that killed three and reportedly injured seven others. See Channel 2, Channel 11 , and AJC coverage. Police said Monday that investigators now believe the tractor-trailer … Continue Reading

Fatal crash on I-95 near Brunswick GA after truck tire blows out

Brunswick, GA, 6/17/05. Karissa Wetzel of Brunswick was killed when a dump truck traveling next to her blew a tire and struck her. The pickup in which she was traveling overturned several times, and she was ejected. See Jacksonville Channel 4 news story.
This report does not say whether the dump truck was an interstate … Continue Reading

Obscure options for health care coverage in Georgia

A friend whose two children both have heart defects recently passed along to me waht he has learned about a couple of obscure options for somewhat affordable health care coveage.
First, the Insurance Commissioner’s Office has an Assigned Risk program. My friend pays $440 per month for family coverage; the plan pays 70% of charges with … Continue Reading

Truck driver shortage

The long-haul trucking industry is facing a shortage of 20,000 drivers, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA). And it will just get worse: By 2014, the industry group predicts, the shortage may increase to 111,000 if trends continue. The trucking industry hauls nearly 70 percent of the freight that is moved in the … Continue Reading

Scientists identify natural toxin that may contribute to paralysis after spinal cord trauma

Purdue University scientists have identified acrolein as a toxin that appears in spinal tissue after spinal cord trauma, and may play a role in causing paralysis. They hope that further research will lead to methods for detoxifying acrolein after SCI, and thereby preventing or lessening the resulting paralysis. See news release below.

Report on lax security that led to courthouse shootings

The Atlanta Journal Constitution on Sunday featured a report on the courthouse security problems that helped set the stage for the murders of Judge Rowland Barnes, his court reporter and a deputy sheriff, and the subseqent crime spree of suspect Brian Nichols. “The failures reflect long-standing problems in the department rampant absenteeism, conflicting allegiances, … Continue Reading

Time is of the essence in catastrophic injury cases

Insurance executives and corporate risk managers know that family caregivers, caring for catastrophically injured loved ones, eventually will be ground down to exhaustion. And they know a wrongful death claim has far less value and jury appeal than a catastrophic injury claim, so if they can delay long enough they may save millions.
Therefore, in … Continue Reading

Nanotechnology may aid use of stem cells for spinal cord injury repair

Future repairs of injured spinal cord and other nerves could be accomplished with the aid of stem cells grown in self-assembling three-dimensional biodegradable scaffolds of nanofibers.
The fibers, delivered in liquid form, self-assemble into a scaffold within seconds of making contact with the electrically charged ions surrounding cells. An amino acid in the fibers helps promote … Continue Reading

New research on cause and potential treatment of bedsores

As anyone familiar with the care of quadriplegics can readily attest, bedsores (decubitus ulcers) are a common complication of paralysis. A study conducted by NYU School of Medicine researchers, in collaboration with the Wound Healing Program at Columbia University, sheds new light on the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of chronic wounds, including bedsores.
Published … Continue Reading

Brooke Ellison Story is inspirational movie about young quadriplegic

Brooke Ellison was only eleven when a car hit her, leaving her a vent-dependent quadriplegic. In a tremendous demonstration of grit and determination, she went on to graduate from Harvard with honors. Now the story of her life has been made into a move, directed by the late Christopher Reeve, The Brooke Ellison … Continue Reading