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What are the time limits on injury and death claims in Georgia?

If you snooze you lose. It is a harsh reality that people who are unaware of the time limits to file suit for a loss may lose all their rights to compensation forever.
Recently, I met with a highly intelligent, well-educated person who completely misunderstood the limitation period. This person thought that the two year statute … Continue Reading

Georgia Jury Verdicts on a Roll in 2015

As past president of the State Bar of Georgia and a seasoned trial lawyer, I’m impressed by the recent string of jury verdicts in Georgia, two of which exceed $70 million. Several of these were won by lawyers who, like me, have attended Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College programs and closed door, members-only seminars of … Continue Reading

Airbag Defect Leads to Massive Recall

At least once a month for years, we have gotten calls from someone complaining about malfunction of an airbag in a motor vehicle collision. Usually it is a matter of an airbag not deploying in a situation in which it was never designed to deploy.
Most front airbags are designed to deploy in a direct frontal … Continue Reading

Autumn Stirs Sweet Memories

As our mornings turn cooler and trees change from green to yellow and orange, memories of the sights, smells and pleasures of autumns past come flooding back.

Memories of sights, colors and smells can stir our emotions and a deep, instinctive level.
When I see trees changing colors and the first frost on a meadow, I go … Continue Reading

The Importance of Creativity

Most folks think of creativity in terms of art and music. But creativity is important to breaking new ground in any field.
Ancient people viewed creativity solely as divine inspiration. That is still as important as ever. But by modern times creativity was viewed as a form of human intelligence that bridges the gap between routine … Continue Reading

Fatal Wal-Mart Truck Crash Case in NJ Case Moving Forward

In June, a Wal-Mart truck driver who had been awake 24 hours caused a deadly pileup in New Jersey. The Wal-Mart truck driver’s Twitter profile included the phrase, “move or get hit.”
Since that crash, most of the attention has been centered on comedian Tracy Morgan because he is most well-known. However he is not the … Continue Reading

Inflation Adjustment of Interstate Truck and Bus Insurance Moving Forward

Several times recently, I have written about the projected inflation adjustment to minimum liability insurance coverage for interstate commercial vehicles. The process continues.
A few days ago, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a 14-page Report to Congress, concluding the following:
1.    Current limits are inadequate in covering catastrophic crashes.
2.    Simply adjusting existing limits to adjust … Continue Reading

FMCSA Should Require Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage for Truck Drivers

Trucking has inherent dangers, both for other motorists hit by big trucks and for truck drivers who are underpaid and underinsured for their labor in one of the most dangerous of occupations. More truckers and delivery men, die on the job than any other vocation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The current proposal to … Continue Reading

What Is a Chameleon Trucking Company and How Does It Keep Doing Dangerous Stuff?

Safety records matter, especially in the trucking industry in which 80,000 vehicles share the highway with your family and mine. If a trucking company builds a deplorable safety record there can be consequences in terms of fines, suspension, loss of operating authority, insurance rates, etc.

So what happens when a persistently unsafe trucking company encounters the … Continue Reading

Blood Alcohol Scores After Death Can Be “False Positive” Up To 0.20

In handling wrongful death and life insurance claims for clients, I learned years ago that blood alcohol tests after a person dies may not be reliable. Due to postmortem fermentation when a body is not kept cool after death, there can be “false positive” blood alcohol reports up to 0.20 grams/% — 2 ½ times … Continue Reading