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When Do Social Media Posts Violate Employees’ Non-Solicitation Provisions?

The following is a guest post from Richard Escoffery, a partner at Elarbee Thompson, a labor, employment and complex commercial litigation law firm. Twenty years ago, while in law school at Emory, Mr. Escoffery was a research assistant in our firm. He is listed in Best Lawyers® in America, Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers, AV® Peer … Continue Reading

New Georgia law seeks crack-down on use of “runners” to solicit injury victims

This year the Georgia legislature enacted a statute to make the second offense of using a runner to solicit a personal injury case a felony. It’s at least a step in the right direction. It now awaits Governor Deal’s signature.
Too many times during my career, I have been asked to take over cases that were … Continue Reading

Does the GM ignition defect cover-up fit within the Georgia Fair Business Practices Act provisions for treble damages, exemplary damages and attorney fee awards?

The news this week is filled with reports about General Motors’ cover-up of an ignition switch defect that has caused numerous deaths and serious injuries. Congressional hearings have highlighted allegations that people died because GM failed to fix a 57-cent problem that the company had known about since 2005. One might say what GM did … Continue Reading

Cracking Down on Distracted Driving

We have all seen drivers distracted by their electronic devices behind the wheel. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations now forbid interstate truck drivers from texting or talking on a hand held cell phone while driving. But recently we were hired in a multiple fatality crash on a Georgia interstate highway in which the truck … Continue Reading

NHTSA Smart Key Compliance

Keyless ignitions, introduced in the late 1990’s, were intended to offer drivers convenience. Instead, they have disrupted a well-established set of driver behaviors and expectations, and introduced rollaway and carbon monoxide poisoning hazards that have resulted in injuries and death. Since 2010, there have been eight publically acknowledged deaths and two serious injuries from carbon … Continue Reading

Brooklyn – Doraville bus unsafe driving record crashes in Virginia

Occasionally we see a report of a commercial vehicle crash in which the alleged cause of the wreck perfectly matches the company’s poor safety record. Today, a bus en route from Brooklyn, New York to Doraville in metro Atlanta, operated by Indianapolis-based Princess Tours, Inc., ran off a road in Virginia.  The bus driver, Qilong … Continue Reading

Shigley Law, LLC Welcomes David Nissenberg

Shigley Law, LLC is pleased to announce that David Nissenberg, one of the country’s foremost experts on trucking law and regulation, has become a consultant and “of counsel” to the firm.
Mr. Nissenberg is author of The Law of Commercial Trucking: Damages to Persons and Property, 3rd Edition, (LexisNexis®), a two-volume text on commercial trucking law … Continue Reading

Will new program protect your family against impaired truck drivers?

In 2003, a 15-year-old girl who had been in Brownies with my daughter was killed when her family’s vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor trailer on an interstate highway. She was riding in the back seat en route to a summer camp.  The truck driver was charged with DUI. That event is in the back … Continue Reading

What does a “state of emergency” mean in Georgia law?

For the second time in three weeks, the Governor has declared a “state of emergency” due to winter storms. The second, related to prediction of an impending major ice storm, looks more significant than the first. If predictions of power outages are accurate, you may have to read this on your phone or iPad that … Continue Reading

“Country boys (and girls) will survive”: How to prepare for the next Atlanta SnowJam

We in metro Atlanta have had a frustrating week since Tuesday with SnowJam 2014, which was in many ways a repeat of SnowJam 1982 and a dozen other fun times.  As soon as I returned to my office on Friday, the phone started ringing with people who had been injured when hit by tractor trailers … Continue Reading