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9 Key Tips for Swimming Pool Safety

 A hot summer afternoon at the pool offers rest and relaxation perfect for the season — cool water, a relaxing chaise chair, and a cold glass of lemonade by your side. However, pleasure of a pool must be coupled with prudence in  swimming pool safety due to the risks of drowning , near drowning and spinal … Continue Reading

Shigley Law welcomes two new staff members

As we ramp up capacity to handle more and larger cases of wrongful death and catastropic personal injury, and prepare to move into new office space in the Buckhead area of Atlanta later in the summer, I am pleased to welcome two new staff members:

Ashley Lane – senior paralegal, office manager, COO and CFO. Ashley … Continue Reading

Only 81 days remain as State Bar president

A year goes by awfully fast when you’re working two full-time jobs. With only 81 days remaining in my term as State Bar president, I look forward to the ability to just focus on my clients and my law practice.  For now, however, I find myself working late into the night to catch up on … Continue Reading

Eulogy for My Father

Eulogy for My Father
Robert Nelson Shigley, June 25, 1924 – May 27, 2010
Mentone Community Church
Mentone, Alabama
May 30, 2010
Daddy was born a few hundreds yards from here in a farm house built around a pioneer log cabin.
It was a time before paved roads or electricity came to the mountain.
His grandmother Melissa’s family, … Continue Reading

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery . . .

In September 1995, I explained the Internet ("It was developed for national defense and  used to be called the Arpanet"), email and web sites to a couple of hundred lawyers at a seminar at St. Simons Island.  Since this was before anyone had Power Point or LED projectors, I used transparencies on an overhead projector … Continue Reading

Neurofibromatosis Research Conference in Florida

Last Monday at Bonita Springs, Florida, I spoke at an international conference of medical researchers on neurofibromatosis, the condition that made my daughter deaf.  Other than a handful of patient family representatives who were invited to provide a human perspective, the participants were research scientists and medical specialists from top unitiversties and research centers around … Continue Reading

My daughter

This has nothing to do with law, litigation or motor carriers, but I’ve got to brag a little on my daughter, who is profiled in a Voice of America story, "Inside the Complex Worlds of Deafness and Deaf Culture in America."  Conclusion: "We asked her what she would like to say to other young people … Continue Reading

Don’t blame God when people break the rules

Saturday morning, at the request of a patient’s family  who urgently want to provide for his care needs, I visited an intensive care unit at Grady Memorial Hospital to attempt to interview a man who became a quadriplegic in a recent traffic collision. Laying paralyzed in a bed, breathing through a tube, he was too … Continue Reading

Sometimes a lump of coal can become a diamond

So often in my law practice, representing ordinary people who have suffered tragic losses due to someone else’s carelessness, I have to contend with the arrogance of defense lawyers and corporate functionaries who view humble working people as most of us would view gum stuck to the sole of a shoe.  As a "redneck lawyer" … Continue Reading

On the Internet, but deeply rooted in a web of relationships

When you find a lawyer on the Internet, there may be an inclination to think of him or her as some sort of free floating, rootless organism, taking all nutrition from cyberspace. This week, however, I have had several reminders of how intertwined professional relationships can be.
First came an inquiry about a potential trucking wrongful … Continue Reading