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The votes are in so it’s official. On June 19, 2010, I will become President-elect of the State Bar of Georgia, and on June 4, 2011, I will be sworn in as State Bar President, taking my place in a line that goes back to 1884.
It’s a serious responsibility, but I will take care not … Continue Reading

Candidate for president-elect of State Bar of Georgia

This week I mailed letters to members of the State Bar of Georgia Board of Governors announcing my candidacy for president-elect of the State Bar of Georgia. On Friday, I enjoyed a lunch meeting with the Rome Bar Association.
Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see how things get done in the State … Continue Reading

Interstate Trucking Litigation Group seminar in San Francisco

Today I’m heading home from the American Association for Justice annual meeting in San Francisco. On Saturday, I was one of the speakers at the Interstate Trucking Litigation Group seminar.  I had a fairly dry topic, though one necessary in these difficult economic times, "Hard Times in Trucking Litigation: What to Do When the Trucking Defendant … Continue Reading

What to do when legal vultures descend on you after a tragic accident

This morning I met with a family who suffered a tragic loss when a tractor trailer ran over the parents late in 2008.  The mother was killed and the father seriously injured. 
They got me involved a couple of weeks after the crash when one of the sons found me on the Internet and invited me to … Continue Reading

Pennsylvania case highlights need to uphold judicial integrity

The organized Bar across the country makes a big point of supporting judicial independence. We should make just as big a point of supporting judicial integrity.
An article by Ian Urbina in The New York Times tells the sad tale of how two Pennsylvania judges have pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court to accepting $2.6 … Continue Reading

Economy devastating funding for indigent legal services

Bad economy hits IOLTA accounts and funding for indigent legal services programs.
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Treasurer of State Bar of Georgia

Today I became the sole nominee for election as Treasurer of the State Bar of Georgia for a one year term beginning in June 2009.  Fortunately, the Bar is in sound financial condition and has a superb chief financial officer in place. It will be a great learning experience and excellent preparation for the next … Continue Reading

Continuing Legal Education in Georgia

As a trucking accident trial attorney in Atlanta, I find myself speaking at continuing legal education seminars around the country pretty often. This year I’ve spoken on various aspects of trucking litigation at CLE programs in Chicago, St. Louis and New Orleans, and have been asked to speak at upcoming seminars in California and Pennsylvania. … Continue Reading

Georgia Courts Automation Commission

In the "be careful what you wish for" category, I got word today of appointment to the Georgia Courts Automation Commission. The enacting legislation in 1990 authorized the Commission to:

Define, implement, and administer a state-wide courts automation system;
Coordinate and cooperate with the state’s chief information officer with regard to planning, implementation, and administration of a … Continue Reading

Changing my gears in the State Bar of Georgia

Last Saturday, I took office as secretary of the State Bar of Georgia, having been elected by a comfortable margin in a statewide Bar election. Other than taking roll and asking approval of minutes at meetings of the Board of Governors, the duties of the secretary are loosely defined.  For the next year I will … Continue Reading